elise chats with Hayley Morgan of ethical kids clothing line, Wildly Co., about their first year in business. What they learned, how they have grown and some best practices and advice picked up along the way. Shownotes can be found here: elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes57

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elise chats with author Jessica Turner about her book "The Fringe Hours" which focuses on the pockets of time within each day where you can accomplish something just for you. Shownotes can be found here: elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes56

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elise chats with Allison Lehman and Claire Deane, self-proclaimed introverts and small business owners, about taking care of your personality and who you are work for you. Shownotes for this episode can be found here: elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes55 

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elise chats with creative director Amy Tan about her round-about career path through the fashion industry to the paper industry. We chat success, failures and why collaboration can be the best thing to happen to a small biz.

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elise chats with Ann-Marie Espinoza about SUCCESS. what does it really mean? Anything? Everything? Nothing? ...turns out sort of all of the above.

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