elise chats with Ann-Marie Espinoza about email. clearing it, processing it and maybe just letting go of it. also a few suggestions for how to send an email that has a better chance of a response. shownotes for this episode can be found at http://elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes65

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elise chats with artist and small business owner Erin Dollar of Cotton and Flax about creative burnout. Why we get it, how to deal with it and ideally, how to fend it off. View shownotes for this episode at elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes64

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just elise this week talking about quitting. It's got a negative stigma, but really it's a necessary part of growth and the only way to find out what's actually going to work. shownotes at elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes63

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elise chats with artist and author Jason Kotecki about his creative career path, handling stress and opting into the things that fill us up. view shownotes for this episode at http://elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes62

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elise chats with Samantha Shepard, director of marketing and sales at Studio Calico about common marketing hold-ups, promoting your product and connecting with your customer. shownotes for the episode can be found at elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes61

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