elise chats with creative director Amy Tan about her round-about career path through the fashion industry to the paper industry. We chat success, failures and why collaboration can be the best thing to happen to a small biz.

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elise chats with Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom from the blog Pinch of Yum about why they have chosen to share their monthly food blog income with the internet and what's the driving force behind what they do.

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bonus episode featuring just Elise talking about the 5 things that are important when trying to take creative work seriously and turn a hobby into a career.

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elise chats with Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean about doing creative work daily and forming habits that help, not hinder the creative process.

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elise chats with designer Kelly Purkey about taking new risks and making small and big changes to your business' direction.

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elise chats with artist, Crystal Moody about her year long project to draw something everyday. Crystal shares what she learned, how she changed and her advice for making a creative venture like this successful.

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elise chats with creative quilter Astrid about working through the middle of a project and finding ways to enjoy the process.

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elise chats with Isabella of Dear Kate about the company's recent hugely successful kickstarter campaign: why they decided to fundraise, how they grew their goals and how they kept up momentum.

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elise chats with photographer Cortnee Loren Brown about finding your passions and making a living out of what you love.

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elise chats with artist Kal Barteski about her passion for making art, selling originals and developing collections.

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