elise chats with greeting card designer, Julie, about the logistics of running an online shop and how growing pains are just part of the business.

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elise chats with Ali Edwards about the concept of "one little word" and how focusing on just one simple thing each year can make a big impact.

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elise sends a HUGE thank you and shares a smidge of what she's learned these past eight months of podcasting as well as plans for the future.

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elise chats with Steven Kasprzyk about branding and gaining momentum for a new project, business or product.

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elise chats with artist Emily Jeffords about making time to make and the power of attempting something creative every day.

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elise chats with author Kari Chapin about beginning with the end in mind and getting over the hurdles that hold us back from creative dreams.

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elise chats with author, Kim Werker, about how it's okay for the creative process to get messy and be ugly.

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elise chats with husband and wife team, Geoff and Lisa Bardot of The Goodness, a photography studio about finding a working relationship and life and how to best share responsibilities.

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elise chats with Ali Ebright, of Gimme Some Oven, about blogging as a career, food photography and finding your audience.

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elise chat with author, Scott Berkun, about creativity and business myths.

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