elise chats with Kayla Aimee about her recent two book deal and where she finds inspiration for writing.

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elise chats with Ann-Marie Espinoza in the second of hopefully many honest small business discussions. this week, we're discussing social media...what works for us, who we are inspired by and a few random pet-peeves.

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elise chats with Hayley Morgan of Wildly Co. about getting an idea for a business and running with it.

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elise chats with Jen Lara, a creative coach, about how creativity can be measured, increased and excercised.

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elise chats with Melanie of Grey Moggie Press about what goes into exhibiting at the National Stationery Show.

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elise chats with Katie, co-founder of Artifact Uprising, about how the photo book company began and mixing art with brand.

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elise chats with Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess about how their brand and blog has grown and now employs a small team.

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elise chats with Ann-Marie Espinoza in the first of hopefully many honest small business discussions. this week, we're discussing working with brands as a blogger.

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elise chats with Amy Shubert of Lemon & Raspberry about creating an affiliate program for your own products as a way to encourage sales.

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elise chats with Katharine Watson, a handmade stationery designer about selling to retailers and how she got her products carried in stores nationwide.

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