elise chats with Amy Tan(gerine) about how she uses her youtube channel and what she has learned about sharing creative videos online. shownotes for this episode can be found at elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes74

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elise chats with John and Sherry Petersik about their second home decor book, Lovable Livable Home and how their style and decorating method has changed post-writing a daily blog. Shownotes for this episode can be found here: www.elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes73

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elise chats with Maggie Whitley about some of the lessons they both have learned over the past seven years of running online shops. shownotes for this episodes can be found at http://elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes72

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elise chats with weaver Vanessa Lauria about her transition from "just for fun hobby" to "small business maker." shownotes from this episode can be found at elisejoy.com/podcastshownotes71

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elise chats with knitwear designer and new author, Jen Geigley, about her goal to write a book in 100 days. we chat about the why, the how and the self-publishing process. shownotes for this episode are available at elisejoy.com/podcast/shownotes70

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